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Grief and Bereavement

Grief is a natural response to loss. The degree of attachment to that which has been lost will determine the level of grief experienced. Thus, we grieve deeply for those we love, including our pets. We find it difficult to readjust following divorce. When experiencing trauma that changes our lives and circumstances, we grieve the loss of our old life. Given the right skills we can allow this process of grief to move through us. Unskilled as we are in our culture we become stuck, unaware of how we are meant to experience the sadness, and depth of emotion welling up within us.

You may find yourself thinking you are going crazy, friends and relatives telling you how you should be, work asking you to get back to normal! This is not possible, grief changes us, we are forever changed by our experience, and it does not have to be negative. Finding our own inner resources and understanding our emotional requirements during this time can empower us to transform the grief experience into wisdom and understanding of ourselves and those we love. We can find peace in the joy of life and the nature of Being, once we embrace the depth of our emotion, and flow with the grieving process.

“Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms,
you would never see the beauty of their carvings.”

- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD

Grief Therapy and Bereavement Therapy

Using rituals and ceremony can help us. Time does not exist for the griever. There is no time frame for grieving. However, if you are feeling deeply depressed for a long period of time after the death of a loved one (6 months on) seek help and medical advice. You may have clinical depression and need some short term intervention. There is a difference between grieving and depression. It is normal to have bouts of deep sadness, crying and feelings of intense loneliness following the loss of a loved one. You may not want to get out of bed or face the world. Often these feelings can kick in after every one else is expecting us to be OK. After the funeral when friends and family have gone back to their lives and you are left with your feelings and loneliness, is when help is most needed. Help can come from someone who has been through the experience, and truly understands the nature of grief and grieving. A good friend, someone who will listen and not give advice, someone to offer a soft place to fall. Someone who ‘gets it’, without you having to explain.

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Light Thru The Trees

You Did Nothing Wrong.  You Are Loved.

Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy


Harper Neeld (2003) describes how grief can impact us:


  • Presence of strong emotion, deep sobbing, crying.
  • Absence of emotion and feeling, numbness.
  • Need to roam; inability to sit still.
  • Inability to concentrate or focus.
  • Yearning and longing for the deceased.
  • Dominated by memories of the loved one.
  • Body rhythms disturbed, sleeplessness,
    early morning waking.
  • Feeling numb.
  • Plagued by anger, guilt, and blame. (The “what if’s”)
  • Experiencing fear, confusion, and disorientation.
  • Having no hope, a sense of desolation.

The choice is to experience and express the grief, again and again. Telling our story, sharing our fears and sense of dread for the future. As we move through the grief we encounter the dark. It seems to be a long winter.

“Everybody grieves when someone they love dies. But only people who mourn really heal and move on to live and fully love again….It’s powerful and it’s the only thing that works.”
–Dr. Alan Wolfelt.

As hard as the path may seem, if we can engage in the grief process and actively mourn we can move through, not getting stuck in the dark, in winter, but moving toward the light of Spring.


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One day 9.30 – 5.30pm.  Follow up meetings available.
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